Yes, really.
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Hi my name is Tracey and I’m addicted to pooping. Sorta.

I have IBS and this was a very bad weekend for me. I usually laugh along with people when they prep for a colonoscopy because that is pretty much like a typically bad Tuesday for me. A few weeks ago I had a c. Dif (clostridium difficile) infection where I was “going” ten or so times a day for a week and I thought that sucked. So, when I say that this weekend was really bad, I mean it was really bad.

Cue Match Game music: “How bad was it?”

It was so bad that I broke my toilet. Yes, really.

Enjoy your breakfast.

  1. sistacrumpet said: ? Forgot the question mark.
  2. kfedup said: You poor darling. Big poop-free hugs to you.
  3. tiffanyb said: Hope you’re feeling better, lovely.
  4. tbridge said: No Es Bueno. Feel better, lady.
  5. apricotica said: My husband said that when he was a kid IBS stood for Indonesian Business Society. I’m going to contact them and see about getting you a new toilet since they destroyed your old one.
  6. do-over said: Jeepers, T. C difficile is serious. You okay?
  7. mynameesmuerte said: While I’m sorry you had such a shitty weekend (ba dum *crash*), that last bit really did make me laugh.
  8. steelopus said: Not good. :( I hope you feel better soon.
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